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I have lupus but training with Ivone has enabled me to lose weight and increase my strength and overall fitness.  During the three years I’ve been a client I’ve found Ivone’s dedication, commitment and passion for fitness and good health are contagious!!

Kim W.

Weight loss & fitness client


I have been meeting with Ivone over the last two months to do a series of colon cleanses.  I find her to be very professional and knowledgeable about the practice and overall health of the body. What I admire the most about Ivone is the fact that her primary focus is on healing and helping her clients. I have seen a huge difference in my overall health, especially since we started the back-to-back sessions instead of spreading them over a longer period of time. I also appreciate that she was kind enough to provide me with tools to use at home to maintain the improvement I have seen. Thank you!

Sandra S.

Health improvement & colon hydrotherapy client


I have many challenges: I’m over 60, I have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and a bad lower back. I was looking for a trainer who would make me feel safe while improving my conditions. Ivone has the expertise to do that. Just recently I went dancing with my husband to celebrate our 30th anniversary. I wore high heels and danced away the evening, breathing well and with no back pain. All wonderful results of my work with Ivone. My quality of life is so much improved working with her.

Bondi W.

General fitness, pain management & health cllient


I went to Ivone to help with pains in my knees, legs, feet and back.  Over a two month period, all pain ceased and I no longer walked dragging my right leg.  Ivone gave me a very agreeable food plan to follow which left me satisfied and pain free.  I don't miss the foods we eliminated from my diet, and she made it clear I should not eat anything I don’t like.  One day a week I can eat anything but crave for nothing. 


Knowing and working with Ivone has been a gratifying experience.   From our initial consultation her straight forward conversation and her explanations of the  “why’s” of what she was doing helped me to understand how to be much healthier.  Ivone is caring and knowledgeable and if she doesn’t have the answer to my questions will say so and often get back to me with an answer after she has researched the question. 

Stephanie S.

Pain management & nutrition client


In 2005 I started training with Ivone. She is like no other trainer. She has an innate understanding of the body and what needs to be done to get you fit. I recently completed the Boston Marathon with virtually no running in my training program. Instead, Ivone used a radical approach of cross training to prepare me for my marathon. The training was not only easier on my joints than running would have been but was more enjoyable. A critical supplement to the physical training was, and continues to be, Ivone's INT body work. I used to have major knee and hip problems and never fathomed running a marathon. I'm convinced that Ivone's INT sessions gave my joints new life and opened the door for me to do whatever activity I chose, pain free. Two days after the marathon, I was ready to train again! My whole body feels rejuvenated, free and limber like never before.

Parag P.

Fitness, marathon training & body work client


In 2004, I was fortunate enough to win a contest with a fitness magazine for a body make over. My area of focus was my stomach. I had had two C-sections back-to-back and had no stomach muscles left. Ivone was the trainer who was assigned to me. We started working together right away- no easing into it! We worked out 3-4 days a week. She pushed me to limits I did not know were possible! We did cardio, crunches, Pilates, free weights, more crunches, lunges... When I told her I couldn't do any more she helped me finish- and always with a smile. She motivated me to want to come to the gym and work harder each time. I learned that taking time for myself and trying to be the best at whatever I do is very important. She also helped me with my diet. When I slipped and ate a bag of potato chips the night before our workout, she would tell me to do another set of crunches (again with a smile). She was a very positive influence in my life and I am honored to have had the opportunity to train with her.

Sandra S.

Health improvement & colon hydrotherapy client


I’ve been working out with Ivone for almost two years now. At first I used to observe her around the gym coaching other clients and what struck me the most was her enthusiasm and professionalism. What I didn’t know then was she was going to bring to surface the athlete that was hiding inside me.  My body changed completely, my muscles started to show and my energy level skyrocketed!  Today I still work out with Ivone and it’s still a new challenge every session, thanks to her constant focus on her own education matched with her challenging and competitive personality. As if all that wasn’t enough, she has become a good friend!

Juliana C.

Fitness & well being client


Ivone is a great professional who is always seeking to improve her already extensive knowledge to help her clients. Her body work is truly heavenly and her personality adds to the relaxing package. I’ve been working with her for two years and she really makes a difference on my quality of life.

Maria A.

Body & energy work client

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