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"I created A Total Health for Life because I believe we have to see the body as a whole. Health
requires a complete view of what the body needs. I care about helping you achieve the best
health and longevity possible for you. I am highly trained in the disciplines in which I offer
services. In addition to my training, I am the World Champion in the categories in which I
compete at the World Kettlebell Championships. My early interest in martial arts led to training in
physical education. That education brought the realization of how each of us can take
responsibility for our health and well-being. My life has been devoted to caring for my own
health and helping others care for theirs.


A Total Health for Life is a philosophy of self-care. You can guide yourself to better health at
every age. Aging certainly does not mean ill health if you care for yourself properly. There are
many aspects to a program of self-care from colonics, lymphatics, and Active Isolated Stretching
to physical training to other body nurturance techniques to make your health the best it can be.
Good health is the cornerstone of a happy life. It's my mission to help you achieve longevity and
self-renewal every day. I invite you to join me on an exciting journey to wellness!"


Ivone Maia Camargo

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