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About Us

Our Vision

Bring Longevity and Self-renewal to our clients every day!

At A total Health For Life, we help our clients expand their worlds by pushing the boundaries of what has been and creating new, healthful worlds. Daring worlds that promise longevity and youthful aging. New worlds fueled with the aroma of freedom and expansion and absent of pain. We do this by employing the most dedicated, gifted therapists in the world and training them rigorously in our therapeutic methods which include colonics, stretching, rehabilitation, nutrition, body work and fitness training. Compassionate therapists, who like their founder, Ivone Camargo, have just as much zeal for applying these methods and educating their clients as they do for learning new methods themselves.

Who Are

Our Clients?

They are athletes, non-athletes, celebrities, non-celebrities. They are seekers. They are explorers. They are individuals from every walk of life, testing the limits of what is, in search of creating what can be. They seek a new world rid of pain, injury and disease and fortified with opportunity

A Total Health For Life Tenets:

We are leaders and we lead by example!

Each A Total Health For Life therapist applies the same therapeutic practice for themselves as they do for their clients. We know what works and what doesn’t because we’ve gone through our unique process ourselves.

We share with compassion!

We pass on the vast array of knowledge we’ve acquired to our clients through application and education. We are here for the long run and as long as our clients need us. But our goal is that our clients lead expansive, healthy and independent lives.

Onward and Upward

Most of us have come from humble beginnings. We all have stories we are reluctant to share. The fact is if you are already reading this, you have found us and are serious about creating something better for yourself. Congratulations! Your story is already changing. This is the first step in creating your new world. Together we will find the best program to move you forward and achieve your goals.

The Founder

Ivone Camargo

She believes, “The heart is the one place we all agree on.” This is the point where all her good work is centered!

Meet Her Story
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